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You are a foreign company and you would like to gain market shares in France, Switzerland or Belgium. You need local support in doing-so and we are here for that.


Located in the countries you are targeting, we analyze deeply the market to identify your opportunities. We deliver an extended and clear view on your potential, on the threats and entry barriers, on who are your competitors and the prices of the competing products.


You know you could grab market shares in French-speaking countries but you have not yet find the right distributor or partner to sell your products.

Our experienced staff, mostly former export managers in the industry, will identify the right partners, organize a business trip for you and bring you to the finish line on which you have your eyes on: signing a distribution contract with the right partner.


You need an experienced person to visit your distributor(s), manage your network, increase your sales, do the follow-up with your major customers, and manage the shipments with your logistics team.

We are here do that for you. We do business development directly in the territory and become your “in-country export manager”. You now have somebody in the trenches to boost your profits.


You are starting to sell to end-users or multiple distributors and you need to have a local stock of products.

We import, store your products, and manage your stock for you. You know exactly what you’ve sold and to whom you sold it to. We provide complete tracking of stocks and shipments to customers.


We explore the market, make a list of valuable targets for your project, confirm the list with you and start reaching out to the prospects.

You’ll quickly get feedback on what’s a good deal and what’s not. After that, we’ll put together a business trip for you in order to start the M&A discussions with the selected targets.


Economic Development Organizations

Territories, Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations.

You are a Territory and you would like to develop your Trade services or your Foreign Direct Investment services in Europe.

You want to boost your local companies’ exports to France, Switzerland or Belgium or simply want to attract more European companies to your territory.

You are a Chamber of Commerce or an Industry Association and you have your members’ best interest at heart. We will support you to provide value and make sure your organization stands out from the crowd.



We organize punctual support when needed. Our EDO customers contact us when they want to organize one-to-one meetings at tradeshows or to organize a short business trip to meet prospects.

We either welcome delegations of foreign companies for Trade or officials for FDI attraction purpose. We organize tailor-made conferences or events too.


One of your mission is to develop export sales of your local companies. France, Switzerland and Belgium are mature markets with high purchasing power.

Our staff located in the market will become your in-country team to find the right partners for your companies. We can do it all: market study, distributor search, business development.


As an Economic Development Organization, one of your main role is to attract foreign companies and to help them set up activity on your land. Our team has many years of experience in helping EDOs attracting the best projects.

From a small office project to a large manufacturing facility, make sure your Territory has been marketed to the French, Swiss and Belgian companies. We are your “sales reps” on the ground.



We organize buyers missions to your destination in various industry sectors. We invite the buyers to meet your members and organize the full trip with your staff.

If you prefer to organize it the opposite way we can. We invite your members to come all together for few days in order to have one-to-one meetings with potential partners.


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From Our Founder

My Vision: Creating Your Next Opportunities

At Masson International, we strongly believe that all companies and institutions with international ambitions should find support in accessing new markets when needed.

Remember this feeling when you see a friendly face when arriving in a foreign place you never visited before? We take proud in being this friend of yours in business, when exploring new markets or facing a tricky situation.

As former export managers or business developers, we love creating new opportunities and signing new deals. Let it be your deals.

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